Low-temperature insulation (cryogenic)

In cryogenic applications, e.g. storage and transport of liquefied gas (LPG / LEG / LNG), many insulation products quickly reach their limits.

There is a demand for customised insulation systems that meet the high requirements for low thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength, durability and cost-effectiveness.

We manufacture custom-fit, CNC-manufactured moulded parts, individually according to our customers’ specifications. We offer the right solution for all conditions and isometrics:

  • Pipe insulation, tank segments ,Insulating panels for cryogenic applications on land or at sea
  • Production based on customer drawings or dimensions
  • Cutting of segments for the cylindrical container part and tapered segments for the container heads
  • Suitable moulded parts for pipework insulation in the form of reducers, T-pieces, sockets, outlets and to size: valve, flange and fitting caps
  • PUR pipe support for thermally decoupled pipe fastening
  • Variety in every form: Lamination with films or sheets
  • Laminated sheet metal with offset overlap and pre-punched on request
  • Precisely fitting, efficient insulation, applications down to -196°C

Possible raw materials:

  • PUR/PIR foam
  • EPS foam