Korff Isolierbaustoffe was founded in 1958 by Alfred Korff. Since then, Korff has made a name for itself with ISOL-PERFEKT cold clips, pipe insulation systems, the production of moulded and special parts for industrial applications and insulation panels for liquefied gas tankers.

Alfred Korff transferred the factory in Dietzenbach to his son Rainer as part of the company succession. With the support of their father, the other two sons founded their own companies.

Dieter Korff founded the film factory, which is now located in Switzerland, and Michael Korff founded the company in Poland. After the Erb family took over the business in Switzerland in 2004, the two plants in Poland and Germany were integrated into the Korff Group in January 2015.

This welcome step brought together three traditional companies of the same origin.

The newly formed group with over 220 employees is divided into various competence centres to manufacture innovative and high-quality products for a wide range of insulation applications and cold pipe fastening for the European market.