Korff has been developing and producing a wide range of solutions for technical insulation since 1958.

We specialise in technical insulation fabrication and thermally decoupled fastening technology.
We cut, mill and foam for you in every conceivable shape. Our motto: Variety in every dimension!
We manufacture products in small and large series at our sites in Poland and Dietzenbach.
Our high-performance insulating materials cover a wide range of applications.
We use modern CNC systems to cut contours and mill three-dimensional shapes.
The combination of the two techniques results in individual and precisely fitting moulded parts.

We offer:

  • Customisation of insulation materials according to customer requirements, also from your raw materials
  • Special cuts or milled parts for plant and mechanical engineering
  • Lamination of foils and sheets on insulating materials with our laminating systems using 1-component or 2-component adhesives
  • Development of heat, cold and sound insulation for fastening technology, industrial plants, etc.

We do not have any minimum order quantities! Get in touch with us, we look forward to receiving your enquiry.